Saturday, June 30, 2012

Video Saving (VHS, VHC-C, Digital Tape)

Home movies, family vacations, retirement functions, weddings, graduations, children's sporting events -- whatever you have on video tape should be transferred to digital media to extend the life of your memories. We have the capability to convert a wide variety of video formats to digital; VHS, VHS-C, and Mini DV. Video can either be transferred with no menu (Raw transfer) or transferred with a customized menu to navigate through the video. A great gift idea!

Raw transfer price;
$20.00 for up to 4 Hour per Tape

Add customized menus for $15.00 dollars more per tape transferred.

Raw transfer are cheaper however no menus or chapter inserts are done, making it difficult to navigate to a particular area of the tape. If this options fits your budget, then please ask for more details.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Reel to Reel Film Transfers

Film Saving (Reel to Reel)

Put that old projector and screen away. View your family movies on your television using a DVD player. 8mm & Super 8 film expertly transferred to DVD, frame-by-frame. (various themes are available to customize your project) Once you update and save these treasured memories to digital they can be copied very inexpensively for other family members to enjoy.

Here are some general guidelines for pricing, however each project is different in nature due to quantity, etc. Please contact us via email for more information or if you have questions. If you would rather call us, please do so at 919-775-9163.

Regular/Standard 8mm Costs

(Price is for raw transfers.

Additional costs for menus and other features)

3 Inch Film Spools
4 minutes run time (approx) 18.00

5 Inch Film Spools
16 minutes run time (approx) 36.00

7 Inch Film Spools
33 minutes run time (approx) 59.00

(Note that most Super 8 doesn't have sound although it was designed for it. Ask us for details) Film is not protected in the same manner. Due to the aging process of film, we can not be responsible for damages that may occur with film during our transfer process. We treat each piece of film as it was our own and use the utmost care until it's returned to you.

One half of project fee required before any work is started.


Testimonies From Some Customers

"Thank you for doing such an awesome job of transferring 40 year old 8mm films to DVD!!! The movies look just like I remember them and the background music you chose is perfect!!"

D.Strickland, North Carolina

"The finished product exceeded our expectations! We were thrilled with the quality of the picture! The music and editing were tastefully done and really complimented the mood of the video as well. We were very pleased with the way it was all put together and can't wait to show it off to family! We will definitely chose to work with you again in the future!"

S. Leonard, North Carolina

What memories came flooding back and tears came to my eyes. The background music was perfect and a great job of taking 40 year old + reel to reel films to DVD so that my family and I can relive the memories over and over. Thanks so much!

A. Rocker, North Carolina

Reel to Reel Audio Tapes and Other Media

Sound Saving
Our high quality sound equipment enables us to transfer almost any type of audio recording to digital media; Cassette Tapes, Reel-to-Reel as well as many others. Your recordings can either be saved as is, or we can "clean up" the sound and eliminate most unwanted noise.

Email or call for pricing since tape sizes vary. 919-775-9163

Camera Card Saving

Transfer all those Camera Cards to CD or DVD and share your Digital Photos with friends and family. All card sizes transferred for $10 per card.
Compact Flash Type 1
Memory Stick Duo
SD Card
Compact Flash Type 2
Memory Stick PRO Duo
miniSD Card
Memory Stick
Smartmedia Card
Memory Stick PRO
XD Picture Card
Reduced Size Multimedia Card (RS-MC)